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The talking drum is an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa, whose pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human speech. 1 Talking drum; Slit gongs; Cambarysu · 2 Drum languages · 3 See also · 4 References · 5 External links. There are drums grouped in families for the purpose of talking to each other. Tapping a drum with your fingers produces a sound different from playing it with. The atumpan, talking drums of the Asante people of West Africa. talking drum, any of various types of drums that, by imitating the rhythm and the rise and. the different drums and their names below (with photos of IROKO's very own ensemble Perhaps one of the Talking Drum's first uses (and one which it still. One African musical instrument is the talking drum, which is classified by its different shapes and sizes into types, such as Gudugudu, Iya ilu. To convey the communication sought after in the performances, the African music uses many different instruments including the talking drum (New World. Only recently have knowledgeable descriptions of various drum language been worked out, and our knowledge of most such languages is still some-. Talking Drums, based in Middletown, performs both traditional and and culture of various West African ethnic group, like the Akan. You can use the drums this way still, or you can add your own meaning to the beats of your drum circle. What are some instruments that talking drums are paired.


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